Insulated Envelopes

CooLiner insulated envelopes are IPC's intermediate performance thermal mailers for shipping flat or small sized heat or cold sensitive goods requiring thermal protection.

Foil Bubble Insulated Envelope & CooLiner Insulated Pouches - 24 Hour Protection

Suggested Envelop Sizes

8” x 10” x ½”
11” x 13” x ½”
14” x 17” x ½”
14” x 19” x ½”
18” x 22” x ½”
20” x 24” x ½”
Custom Any Size

Insulated Envelope Features

  • Helps maintain temperature of refrigerated products for 24 hrs+.
  • Easy self seal tape lip for quick closure.
  • Excellent for internet order fulfillment.
  • Prevents moisture "sweating" on product.
  • Clean and professional presentation.
  • Good for flat products.
  • Suitable for small food items and vials and other small medical or biopharmaceutical items.
  • One Piece, easy drop in bag design
  • Peel and Seal easy adhesive lip closure
  • Leak Resistant/Water tight
  • FDA Approved for incidental food contact
  • Tips: use with GelTech Gel Pack for maximum performance. Read More Here.

Thermal Envelope

Thermal Envelope

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Performance Graph

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In addition to temp shield temperature control shipping materials, we also manufacture gel pack refrigerant products. See our insulated pouches and insulated containers.

insulated envelopes for cold shipping

In the event your payload size exceeds our insulated envelopes or is smaller than the dimensions of our thermal pallet covers, IPC insulated box liners fill the need to ship “smaller than a pallet but bigger than an envelope” shipmentswith a guarantee that the temperature of the products being shipped remain largely unchanged from the ambient temperature throughout the cold chain distribution system.


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multitude of distribution centers
located nationwide.
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