IPC is aware that in today's business environment, our clients are committed to being environmentally responsible. Insulated Products Corporation takes the health of our environment seriously. Our products have by their collapsible nature, eliminated millions of cubic feet of potential landfill space over a period of 10 years.

IPC's GreenLiner is quickly replacing the traditional molded cooler. Its collapsible panels occupy 1/4th the volume of an equivalent molded cooler. The panels are also 100% recyclable and easy to recycle using databases that locate nearby recycling depots. (Learn More)

There are an abundance of recycling centers for such materials in that the materials have high re-use potential. In addition the collapsible, foldable features of the GreenLiner facilitate 'return to sender' options for re-use. In contrast, materials like rock-wool have very little secondary market value and are therefore almost impossible to recycle. Molded coolers, in that they are non-collapsible, cannot be efficiently returned for re-use, this when compared to GreenLiner panels.

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A national supermarket chain
services its locations using a
multitude of distribution centers
located nationwide.
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