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Cold Chain Packaging Supplies

Cold chain packaging by Insulated Products Corp, protects the thermal integrity of your products while in transit to their destination. Using our insulated box liners, pouches, mailers and pallet covers, Insulated Products Corp's clients have had over a decade of success in protecting their goods against the seasonal ambient temperatures encountered when their goods are transported.

IPC has been an innovator of thermal packaging solutions since 1999.  We have spent over a decade studying, perfecting, consistently producing and delivering effective cold chain thermal packaging to companies shipping medicines, foods and industrial goods worldwide.

IPC designs and manufactures, in house, a variety of custom temperature control products for the cold chain shipping industry. All of IPC's temperature control materials provide high performance, while remaining space-efficient and green. We thrive on special requirements including custom sizes, extended shipping durations and unique temperature requirements. 

IPC is a leader, recognized worldwide, in the development and manufacture of temperature control packaging solutions for the protection of: frozen, refrigerated, 2-8C and room temperature (CRT) products. 

Insulated Shipping Supplies for a Variety of Industries Including:

» Foods
» Pharmaceuticals
» Industrial goods
» Pet and animal products
» Air & ground logistics /
   Perishable Freight Forwarding
» Chocolate

We also serve:

» Distributors
» Fulfillment houses
» Contract manufacturers
» Mail order pharmacy
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High Performance Products

IPC's products are all created for one sole function: high performance temperature control. Our choice of insulation materials, the way they are manufactured, the designs of our finished goods, all contribute to the net result: outstanding performance against cold and heat.

Unique Methods

IPC provides these solutions reliably with the help of our vertically integrated manufacturing facility. This facility enables us to quickly respond to customer's needs.
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space efficient insulated shippingSpace Efficient

custom thermal packagingInnovative Designs

thermal protective packagingUnique Materials

green insulated boxes and containersEco-friendly


insulated shipping liner

Our Process:

IPC fabricates the necessary raw materials and then custom converts the materials using our line
of unique customized machinery, into the finished insulation product.

All of this is accomplished quickly, reliably and efficiently to the benefit of our many clients from a variety of industries.

Full Variety of Product Protection

Our product offerings include but are not limited to: insulated shipping containers/ carton liners, insulated envelopes, insulated pallet covers and refrigerant gel packs. All are available in custom sizes with no tooling cost.

Experienced Staff

custom cold chain packaging productsOur staff of sales engineers offer many years of experience in providing custom tailored solutions for cold chain transport. After collecting details about a clients' needs, our in-house staff, while working with our in-house fabrication team can quickly recommend and quote an ideal solution. Custom samples can also be produced and forwarded expeditiously.

Worldwide Distribution

Our space efficient products allow us to have a global reach while utilizing low shipping rates. Insulated Products Corp. directly supplies many of the nation's largest companies at their various locations around the world. We have over a decade of experience in successfully supplying our many clients with custom cold chain packaging products in timely and cost effective manner.

IPC, a leading manufacturer of high performance temperature control insulation products, manufacturers environmentally friendly & compact reflective radiant barrier liners, covers, blankets, and wraps for all your cold chain shipping needs. These thermal shipping products are offered in custom sizes, are also sold as pre-packaged ready to use applications, as well as single use disposable solutions.

You Are A:

IPC’s temperature control materials are useful for protecting:

Specialty foods, fruits
and vegetables
Chocolate coated and caramel coated confectionary
Salsa & Sauces
Cooking Oil
Aseptic Products
Cookie Dough
Baby Food & Formula
Bottled & Keg Beer
Juice Cleanses
Fresh Beverages
Nutrional Beverages
Aseptic Milk
Protein Shakes
Ice cream and sorbet
Salmon filets and other
fish and seafood
Dog, cat and other fresh
pet foods
Cleaning supplies
Candles and other
wax products
Injectable Medicine
I.V. Medicines
Diagnostic reagents
and chemicals
Pharmaceutical Mixtures
Reptile, Amphibian
Veterinary Medicines
Plants & Shrubs
Fresh herbs and microgreens
Packaging Material
Film & Shrink Bags
Stain & Coatings
Chemical Mixtures
Bonding Agents
Liquid Fertilizer
General freeze protection
for industrial and consumer
goods including adhesives
Water based paints/solvents

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